“I will stop my own effort and struggle to pray”

Prayer Power / Andrew Murray

To modern Christians who consider ‘speed’ as a virtue I pose this question, “What is the value of having an intimate relationship with God?” Are we not spending most of our days chasing after mundane routines without any communications with God? Are we not exhausted and tired of striving to live out of our own strength and wisdom in this world?

 Even though we confess that God is the sovereign master of our lives, there still exists a contradiction: we have not actually given up our entire lives into his hand.

 Our souls are created to have effervescent and satisfactory lives when we are fully immersed in intimate relationship with the Lord. Our duty is to communicate with him and to be pleased out of it.

Through that relationship, all aspects of our lives can be ruled over by the presence of God: our spiritual lives become alive, and our obedience to the cross becomes possible. Do you know that all victories come from the prayer room where we personally meet the Lord?

 Andrew Murray, the author of ‘Prayer Power’, says that the place where we lie down to the Lord is where the victory and richness of Jesus Christ become a reality for Christians. He clearly tells what the real essence of prayer is at a time when prayer is being regarded as a tool to meet human greed.

These days, many people get anxious about not carrying their phones with them, but many Christians seem indifferent about not having a prayer time with God. They regard prayer just as a means to rescue them when they are forced into a corner but no sooner have things cooled down then they walk away.

This book explains why people have this kind of attitude towards prayers. The human nature that belongs to the flesh hates and abhors God. That is, in man there is no desire to commune with God. We cannot pray or come to the Lord with a willing heart by ourselves. How then should we pray? We have to admit our total powerlessness- that we cannot pray.

 “Lord, I can do nothing. I put down all my passion and efforts. I will stop my own effort and struggle to pray. Lord, I lie down under the cross and agree to be controlled by you.” That’s when the Holy Spirit begins to work. My will surrenders to God’s will and the true divine life and power of prayer become entrusted.

It’s the place of victory that broke the head of Satan and saved all the people from sins, the Calvary cross! There are many saints who do not know this enormous miracle would happen when they pray under that cross. For us, imprisoned within ourselves and never have given all to the Lord, this place of the Calvary cross is where God’s power reigns.

All human hope ends up there. The arrogance, immodesty, and all false-ego that cannot get along with the Lord are broken down. Human efforts and endeavors, the acts of sinful nature are destroyed and finally the victory that conquers all sins is won. Also, the power of darkness that rules the world loses its power, and victories of wars are decided there.

 Satan knows how fatal the secret place of the prayer room is to his world. So, he desperately tries to take over the prayer rooms between us and God through TV, Internet, busy routines, ambition for succeed, and fancy lust. We should never be deceived. We have to deny ourselves and come to the place of prayers by not committing the sin of failure to pray.

 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13)”

It has not been so long for me as well since I understood the true meaning of prayer and started praying. The Lord taught me, whose prayers were mostly for fulfilling the sinful nature, the true meaning of lying down under the cross.

 By relying on the work of the cross crucifying our flesh and falling down before the Lord and recognizing my incompetence, we experience the hand of God working through us. We can never live out the Gospel without prayer. Relationships, missionary works, living as a temple of God in this world and fighting spiritual wars waiting for the day of the second coming of Jesus become possible when we lie down before him. Maranatha! [GNPNEWS]

Missionary Park Hee Young