Living in Faith

Jesus Christ has been in me!

After I came to the training center to be trained for faith, I got chance to serve as a cook of the month. Even though I tried to serve with the mind to receive more […]

Living in Faith

Martial law declared for Covid-19

Earlier this year, after graciously completing a mission report in South Korea, I returned to the mission field with a new heart. I came back to the mission field after I decided that I would […]

Daily Walk

The hammer hit hard… striking a finger

I have worked as a house builder for a long time and last month, I was asked to renovate a building. I expected that the work would be easy, but unexpected variables emerged one after […]

Living in Faith

“My Lord, which ones you like the better?”

[#219 / everyday life we meet God] During Sunday worship time, four-year-old Yevin was fighting tug-of-war to take away five-year-old Zioni’s train toys. “Yevin, you’ll have to give her permission to play with it. Let […]